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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included in Enrollment?

Neoprene Rain/Snow Boots

Rain Pants

To minimize consumption, rain pants and boots are on loan from our Gear Library during your child's enrollment. If your child changes size, we will have the next size available so you don't have to buy it.


Forest School is held outdoors, with an indoor space available for extreme weather (lightning, high winds, or frigid temperatures). Appropriate attire goes a long way toward comfort in the outdoors! The opportunity to witness nature no matter the weather leads to a greater appreciation and respect for our environment.

Class Size

Each group has one teacher to every five children.


Our outdoor classroom space is located next to the Visitors' Center, with access to a bathroom. All children in Forest School must be potty-trained and bathroom independent. We suggest practicing toileting independently at home to increase confidence.


Forest School offers many opportunities for children to play, explore, and form meaningful connections with others and the environment. Organizations such as the Natural Start Alliance and the Children & Nature Network specialize in research that supports the value of outdoor education in early childhood settings.

Participant Age

Forest School is a drop-off program, and children in Forest School spend time in mixed-age level groups. This allows older children to model skills for younger children, and to give younger children a chance to learn from their older peers. Children must be a minimum of 3.5 to enroll, with children who would be old enough to attend a traditional kindergarten or first grade at the high end of the age range. 


It’s not just a stick! It’s a fishing pole, a magic wand, a sword, a shovel, a conductor’s baton… With all the possibilities for play, sticks are an important part of outdoor education. Children are taught that sticks must be carried with one end in their hand and the other end pointing down. If a stick is larger or used for swinging, children are directed to find a safe space away from other people. Fantasy play, including sword fighting, is seen as developmentally appropriate as long as the play does not involve physical contact. If play escalates to an unsafe physical or emotional state, staff will redirect the child’s play.

"The Forest Preschool is an amazing program that has gone above and beyond our expectations. Firstly, it is very safe when it comes to COVID protocols, as it outdoors and the kids are screened and masked daily. Secondly, the teacher Miss Amanda is super talented, educated, patient, kind, resourceful, and really knows how to bring out the best in all the kids. We learn so much as a family from her. Thirdly, being outdoors means not only exercise and natural discoveries, but so much evidence-based research shows how kids thrive for life with early outdoor educations. Also makes for great dinner conversations about the salamanders or other creatures they encounter around the 'classroom.' We are so grateful to have discovered this program and glad that there was room for our daughter. Highly recommend!"

-2020-2021 parent

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