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Nature & Wildlife

Red fox, white tailed deer and more than 50 species of birds find refuge in our woodland filling the trees with sound and movement. The strategic location of the nature center's undeveloped acreage along the Atlantic Flyway provides a stopover for hundreds of birds during their spring and fall migrations. Nearly a third of New Jersey's amphibian and reptile species can be found within our borders. The diversity of plants and wildlife will delight the patient observer.

Ecology of Tenafly Nature Center

Within its nearly 400 acre expanse, the Tenafly Nature Center hosts two ecosystems, brimming with natural biodiversity & actively managed with human effort too.

TNC encourages first-time visitors and naturalists alike to learn more about the thriving flora and fauna that inhabit TNC and the surrounding environment.

Living with Nature (FAQ)

For answers to questions you might have regarding your local plant-life and wildlife. If you have a question, or would like to receive more information about local wildlife, please visit our library located in the museum building, or contact us with your question.

Help! I've Found an Animal

Do you believe you have found injured or orphaned wildlife? Let’s be sure! The information presented below will inform you on what to do in the event you find an animal that either appears to be and or is in fact injured or orphaned. Please utilize advice and tips at your own discretion as laws regarding may differ between the above outlined and your county of business or residence. Also kindly note Tenafly Nature Center cannot accept injured or orphaned wildlife.
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