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Bellflower Faerie Trail - Now Open

The fae of Tenafly Nature Center are excited to welcome you to their forest. They have been super busy enchanting their whimsical houses so that human visitors could see them along one of the Tenafly Nature Center's trails.

To start your adventure, check in at the admissions table and follow the trails to the Red Loop Trail.

Slow down as you search for these houses made from tiny natural objects. As you walk along the path, look carefully and you will find where they have chosen to live. The fae built their homes in tree hollows and roots, and from materials found in their habitat, such as sticks, bark, stones and moss; meaning they are very fragile.

Please be extra careful when walking and make sure you are not touching the houses, you could disturb the faeries that may be inside.

See how many fairy houses you can find. Take notice of the beautiful and enchanting features of our local woods. The red marked trees will lead you through their community so that you may observe and enjoy. You many even find a tiny post office, playground, or even a composting restroom along the way.

Bellflower Faerie Trail Rules

  • Stay on the Path to Avoid Risk of
    • Poison Ivy
    • Ticks
    • Injuring Animals & Faeries
  • Leave Nothing But Footprints, Take Nothing But Photos, Kill Nothing But Time
  • Do not leave anything along the trail, there are garbage receptacles in the parking area
  • Do not collect or remove any wildlife, plants, or natural materials
  • Do not add any fairy houses or toys to the trail — they will be removed

This public art installation includes around 40 handmade faerie houses and abodes, made by TNC 2021 summer intern Shayleigh Dennison. The creations will remain on display year-round.



This trail is .3 miles long and has been inhabited by the Fae folk!

Open Daily, one hour after sunrise until one hour prior to sunset

Bellflower Faerie Trail Admission

Included with general admission and FREE to TNC Members, no appointment necessary.

Become a member today and visit the Faerie Trail all year!

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